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Orchid PRO-DNA (the new name for the recently amalgamated companies, Orchid Cellmark and Warnex PRO-DNA) has testing laboratories in Laval and Thunder Bay. Both laboratories hold accreditations with at least one third party agency. By holding accreditations, the laboratories must adhere to all of the standards of the accrediting organizations. These standards cover all steps in DNA testing from the initial specimen collection through to the issuance of the final results. Adherence to these standards by our testing laboratories provides assurance to the client that the test results are of the highest possible quality.

DNA testing services are provided through accreditation and compliance with the following organization:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the largest developer of standards worldwide. ISO standards are voluntary and require compliance with a set of quality standards that are based on an extensive quality management system. Our sister laboratories are in compliance with ISO 17025 standards through the Standards Council of Canada (CAN-P-4E and CAN-P-1578).

To view the specific scope of accreditation by SCC for the Laval site, click here.

To view the specific scope of accreditation by SCC for the Thunder Bay site, click here

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