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Orchid PRO-DNA has been providing DNA testing services in estate matters in Canada since 1990. DNA testing in estate matters is often a complicated process due to the non-standard sample types or complicated kinship analyses that must take place due to the lack of a  biological sample from the deceased. It is therefore essential that you choose the right company to carry out your DNA test. The most important features of Orchid PRO-DNA’s DNA testing services are:

  • Accredited - Testing is performed by our testing laboratory to ISO-17025 standards through the Standards Council of Canada (SCC)  
  • Full service DNA laboratory - Capable of conducting routine STR DNA testing, and more complex Y-STR and mitochondrial DNA analysis

  • End to End Customer Care – Our customer service specialists will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our responsibility to you does not end with the distribution of results. We will help you and/or your client interpret those results and will provide expert testimony if required.

  • Experience and Credibility – In business since 1990, our company has completed more than 50,000 DNA cases. We are constantly recommended by courts, doctors, government agencies and lawyers.

Orchid PRO-DNA offers a DNA banking service on an ante-mortem basis as well as numerous testing options on a post-mortem basis. Please go to our Estate Testing Section to learn more about the options that are available to you and your client.

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