What is the difference between a regular paternity and a forensic paternity case?
A forensic paternity case is one that is required as part of a criminal investigation such as incest or an underage mother or an abandoned infant. Court-ready reports will be issued for all such cases (where a proper chain of custody is provided) and expert testimony will be available to support our written results as well.

Will Orchid PRO-DNA screen a piece of evidence for biological evidence?
Yes, Orchid PRO-DNA's testing laboratory can examine a piece of evidence and test visible stains for the presence of semen, blood and saliva.

When an item is screened by Orchid PRO-DNA, will the item be damaged during the process?
Depending on the item, it may either be swabbed or cut during the screening process.

Does Orchid PRO-DNA accept forensic cases from private citizens?
Yes, but if the case is criminal in nature, a private citizen will need to be represented by a lawyer or private investigator. Alternatively, a private citizen can do a forensic type of test (i.e. semen screen, DNA comparison) for a non-criminal case on their own. Click here for more information on Orchid's non-criminal testing services.

Can Orchid PRO-DNA re-test samples from another laboratory?
Yes, however Orchid PRO-DNA will need the client to arrange for the release of the samples to our laboratory for testing.

Will Orchid PRO-DNA review DNA results that have been generated by another laboratory?
Yes, it is possible to perform a case review of another laboratory's results. Please call for details.

What testing does Orchid PRO-DNA not perform?
- Animal and plant forensic DNA testing
- Urinalysis and hair analysis for drugs or other substances
- Drug testing
- Toxicology
- ABO blood typing
- Screening for genetic abnormalities
- HIV testing
- Traditional fingerprinting

Which samples will Orchid PRO-DNA not test?
- Feces
- Cremated remains
- Samples in formaldehyde

How is personal information protected?
The privacy of our clients is important to us. Your samples are examined for evidence of tampering upon arrival at our facility. Entry into our DNA testing facility is by restricted access only. All samples are coded and all computer systems are secured. Results are sent to authorized individuals only and cases are only discussed with those who are authorized to do so. For the protection of the tested parties, results are not usually released over the phone except in unusual circumstances. All samples and extracted DNA is returned to the requesting agency or destroyed, upon written instruction from the client. 

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