Specimen Collection

Who Needs to be Tested?
The Sponsor and Applicant must be tested at a minimum. There may also be instances in a more complex kinship case when Orchid PRO-DNA will ask for additional individuals to be tested if it will increase the likelihood of a conclusive result.

What happens after I contact Orchid PRO-DNA to set up a case?

Orchid PRO-DNA will schedule specimen collection appointments for all parties who live in Canada immediately upon receipt of our DNA immigration application form. At that time, we will also contact the appropriate Canadian Embassy abroad requesting an appointment for the overseas parties.

What types of samples are tested?
Orchid PRO-DNA collects cheek swab samples from all tested parties. These are painless and non-invasive and can be collected within a matter of minutes.

Where can it be collected?
If you reside in Canada, your sample can be collected at one of our 500 specimen collection sites. If you reside abroad, the closest Canadian Embassy or the Designated Medical Practitioner will contact you to set up your appointment. Please note that each Canadian Embassy has its own procedures and time frames. Some overseas appointments will be scheduled within days and other appointments will be take longer.

How are Samples Collected Overseas?
The overseas specimen collection procedure differs from country to country, depending on the resources at each Canadian Embassy. Usually the samples will be collected by a Designated Medical Practitioner or an approved clinical laboratory. In most instances, the overseas specimen collection procedure is witnessed by a Canadian Embassy official.

What do I need to bring to my Specimen Collection Appointment?
If you reside in the Canada, you will need to bring government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s licence or passport. There is no fee for specimen collection. If you reside abroad, you need to follow the instructions of the Canadian Embassy. They will tell you what types of identification are acceptable and will advise you of the fee for specimen collection, if any.

How Is The Identity of Each Tested Party Assured?
Approved government-issued identification is collected from each tested party at the time of specimen collection. In addition, a fingerprint and two photos are collected. Each person is also required to sign a consent form and the back of the photos. Samples are then packaged in a tamper-proof bag for shipment via a secure international courier to Orchid PRO-DNA. Please click here for more information on all our Chain of Custody procedures.


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