What is DNA twin testing?
DNA twin testing is also known as a twin zygosity test, and is performed to conclusively answer the question of whether twins are fraternal or identical through examination of the twin’s DNA. If the DNA profiles are different then the twins are fraternal and if the DNA profiles are identical then the probability of the twins being identical is calculated.

What are fraternal twins?
Fraternal (dizygotic) twins are formed from two eggs, fertilized separately, which can result in two siblings of the same or opposite sexes. Their physical characteristics usually differ and their DNA always differs.

What are identical twins?
Identical (monozygotic) twins occur when a single fertilized egg splits after conception into two identical halves, each of which develops separately. Each identical twin will have exactly the same DNA, a fact that can be established through testing. Of course, identical twins are of the same sex and have the same eye and hair color, as well as blood type.

How rare is it to be an identical or fraternal twin?
Approximately 30 out of every 1,000 births produce twins. Only one of every three sets of twins is identical.

Can twins have different fathers?
In some cases, fraternal twins can actually be half-siblings, with different fathers, even though they are born at the same time. Although the standard Orchid PRO-DNA twin zygosity test does not include the establishment of paternity, it is possible to determine the paternity of twins by testing their alleged father(s) or possibly by conducting a sibship (full or half) analysis on the DNA data generated in a twin zygosity test.

Can DNA testing distinguish between two individuals who are identical twins?
No, by definition they are "identical" and will have the exact same DNA profile. Thus, two individuals who are identical twins cannot be differentiated by DNA analysis.

Can a twin test be performed for curiosity purposes?
Yes, a specimen collection kit can be requested and utilized for collecting samples from the parties to be tested. The collection process can be done in the privacy of your home without having to travel to a collection facility.

Do I need an lawyer?
No, Orchid PRO-DNA does not require clients to have an lawyer in order to conduct a DNA test.

Do I need a doctor’s order or court order?
Usually a doctor’s order and court order are not required. However, you will be tax exempt with a doctor's referral.


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