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Orchid PRO-DNA has been providing DNA immigration tests to immigration lawyers and immigration consultants in Canada since 1990. The requirement for a DNA test in an immigration matter is an important part of the process but is often an extra step in what is already a very complicated process. It is therefore essential that you choose the right company to carry out your DNA test. The most important features of Orchid PRO-DNA’s DNA services are:

  • Accredited - Testing is performed by our testing laboratory to ISO-17025 standards through the Standards Council of Canada (SCC)
  • Approved – Testing laboratory is approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Convenient – 5000 specimen collection sites in North America and 70 sites internationally
  • End to End Customer Care – Our on-staff Immigration Specialists will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Our responsibility to you does not end with the distribution of results. We will help you and/or your client interpret the results and will provide expert testimony if required.
  • Experience and Credibility – Orchid PRO-DNA has provided thousands of DNA immigration testing results in the past decade as a trusted provider to immigration professionals, Applicants and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The company is at the forefront of DNA technology.
  • Fast – Results completed in 5-7 days for routine paternity and maternity cases

Orchid PRO-DNA provides a number of different testing options and DNA technologies in immigration cases, depending on the questioned relationship. The first step is for one of Orchid PRO-DNA's Immigration Specialists to review the letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to ascertain what type of testing is required. The testing options include Maternity, Paternity or Kinship.

We will then work with your client  (and the Canadian Embassy) to set up Specimen Collection appointments both within Canada and internationally.

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