Orchid PRO-DNA values the partnerships we have with various individuals and entities within the country. Partners can fall into one of the following categories:

  • Specimen Collectors - Orchid PRO-DNA has a network of approximately 500 DNA specimen collection sites within Canada and 5000 throughout North America but we often have need for additional specimen collectors. If you are interested in taking cheek swabs and completing chain of custody paperwork for our DNA cases, and if you have an attention for detail, please fill out the specimen collector information form.
  • Agents – Orchid PRO-DNA recognizes that some clients prefer to purchase DNA testing services from someone who is local to their community. As a result, Orchid PRO-DNA has established a network of individuals who represent our services in some cities and towns within Canada. Orchid PRO-DNA provides you with all the supplies and marketing materials you will need, and also provides you with secure access to the status and results of your cases. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are interested in this business opportunity, please contact 1-866-TEST-DNA (837-8362) to discuss this further.
  • High Volume Customers – Orchid PRO-DNA values the long term business relationships we have with many of our customers. If you conduct a large number of DNA tests and wish to be considered for a discounted price, please contact 1-866-TEST-DNA (837-8362).


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