DNA Paternity Testing involves the determination of whether a tested individual is or is not the biological father of a child.  It is an important and highly personal matter which affects a number of individuals, most importantly, the child. Orchid PRO-DNA is very sensitive to this and understands the importance of an accurate, confidential and timely service.

There are four kinds of DNA Paternity Tests:

Court Ready Test »
Specimen collection takes place in a third-party site and the results can be used in court or other legal proceeding.

Curiosity Test »
The cheek swab samples are taken at home without any Chain of Custody so the results cannot be used in a legal matter.

Prenatal Test »
The child isn't born yet but the mother and alleged father wish to determine paternity.

Deceased Alleged Father Test »
The alleged father is deceased but there are known living relatives or known personal effects from the alleged father which are available for testing.

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