Top 10 Reasons To Use Orchid PRO-DNA

1. Experience
Orchid PRO-DNA was the first DNA testing company in Canada with operations dating back to 1990. Our company has completed more than 50,000 cases to date.

2. Full Service DNA Laboratory
Orchid PRO-DNA's testing laboratory offers multiple DNA technologies including autosomal STR’s, Y-STR’s and mitochondrial DNA analyses. These additional technologies allow us to resolve cases that might otherwise be difficult to resolve.

3. Support from Beginning to End
A DNA laboratory test is complete once the results are formally issued. However Orchid PRO-DNA staff members are available to answer questions regarding interpretation of results and to provide written opinions and expert testimony at any time after results are issued.

4. Fully Accredited
Orchid PRO-DNA's testing laboratory is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada in accordance with ISO 17025 standards. To view the specific scope of accreditation, click here.  In addition to maintaining these accreditations, our laboratory staff participates in regular proficiency tests to ensure high quality standards are maintained.

5. Quick Results
Test results in "standard" paternity and maternity tests are completed within 5-7 business days from receipt of the last sample in the case.

6. All-Inclusive Pricing
Unlike many of other DNA testing companies, Orchid PRO-DNA provides comprehensive, all-inclusive pricing. Our quoted price for standard paternity, maternity and kinship testing includes specimen collection (within Canada), shipping (within Canada), DNA analysis and mailing of results.

7. Confidential Service
Orchid PRO-DNA is aware that the issue of DNA testing is personal and sensitive. The privacy and security of our clients and their results are important to us. Orchid PRO-DNA treats all information in confidence. Information of any kind, including reports, is carefully safeguarded.

8. Exceptional Quality Control
Orchid PRO-DNA’s testing laboratory is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under the ISO 17025/CAN-P-4E and CAN-P-1578 standards. In addition, our testing laboratory personnel participate in third party proficiency tests at least once a year to ensure that high quality standards are maintained.

9. Trusted
Orchid PRO-DNA has been asked to provide DNA test results in more than 50,000 DNA cases in Canada since 1990. Clients include provincial governments, family, immigration and estate lawyers, doctors and tens of thousands of consumers.

10. Accessible
Orchid PRO-DNA boasts one of the largest specimen collection networks in the industry with 5000 trained, third party collection sites throughout North America. It is our goal to make our service as accessible and convenient as possible.


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