Is it possible to preserve a DNA sample?
DNA, once extracted from a biological sample, is very stable. It can be stored on a special long term storage card for decades without compromise.

What is Heritage ID?
Heritage ID is Orchid PRO-DNA's program for providing a DNA profile and preserved DNA sample from a living or deceased individual. This program enables the client to maintain his/her DNA sample and/or profile for future use such as testing and/or verifying identity.

How can a stored DNA sample be used in an estate claim?
A stored DNA sample can be used post-mortem to confirm or refute a claim of paternity, maternity or kinship against a person’s estate.

Do I have to have a doctor’s order?
A doctor’s order is not generally required however you may be tax exempt with a referral from a doctor.

Do I need a lawyer or court order?
If all parties involved in the testing agree to participate voluntarily, neither a lawyer nor court order is required. If a sample from a deceased individual is being used, either a court order or the written consent of a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the deceased is required for the release and testing of a known specimen from the deceased.

How is my personal information protected?
The privacy of our clients is important to us. Your samples are shipped to us in a tamper proof bag. Entry into our DNA testing facility is by restricted access only. All samples are coded and all computer systems are secured. Results are sent to authorized individuals only and cases are only discussed with those who are authorized to do so. For the protection of the tested parties, results are not usually released over the phone except in unusual circumstances. All samples and DNA profiles are retained for a period of time, as required by accreditation guidelines but are destroyed after the requisite storage periods.

Can my DNA be used to test for a pre-existing condition that could prevent the tested parties from receiving health care insurance?
The DNA markers which are tested for relationship testing do not provide any information on any specific physical or medical condition that might affect your health care insurance.


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