Prenatal Testing

Are prenatal DNA paternity tests available?
DNA testing can be conducted prenatally using either a chorionic villi sample (CVS) or amniotic fluid sample, which can be collected during pregnancy by a qualified medical practitioner.

What is a CVS?
A Chorionic Villi Sample is a sample of the placenta of the fetus that is taken either trans-abdominally or trans-cervically at the 10th week of pregnancy.

What is amniocentesis?
This is a procedure to collect an amniotic fluid sample usually between the 14th and 16th weeks of pregnancy.

Is there a risk to the fetus in a prenatal test?
Yes, both amniocentesis and CVS collection create some risk for the fetus. Please consult with your obstetrician.

Who will collect a CVS or amniotic fluid samples?
A physician must collect the prenatal samples. If a decision is made to perform prenatal testing, a collection kit with a chain-of-custody form and shipping instructions will be provided to your physician.

Does the mother have to provide a sample in a prenatal paternity test?
The mother’s sample is required in every prenatal test. The mother’s sample is tested to ensure that the fetal sample is pure and originates from the fetus, and not the mother.

Does a physician need to collect samples from the parents?
The doctor may take the buccal swab samples from the alleged father and the mother. However, if the physician prefers not to do this collection, Orchid PRO-DNA can arrange an appointment for the alleged father and the mother at one of our local collection sites. If it is a Curiosity test, the mother and alleged father can take samples at home, using Orchid Cellmark specimen collection kits.

Is a doctor’s order required for a prenatal test?
A doctor’s order is not required. However, you will be tax exempt with a doctor's referral.

Do I need a lawyer or court order for a prenatal test?
If all parties involved in the testing agree to participate voluntarily, neither a lawyer nor court order is required.



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