How long does the test take?
The results of a routine DNA paternity test take approximately 5-7 business days from the time the last sample is received in our DNA testing laboratory.

What will the results indicate?
The results will provide a probability of paternity of either 0.00% or 99.9% or greater. For a more detailed explanation of how to interpret a DNA paternity report, click here.

Will results be accepted In court?
Due to the fact that Orchid PRO-DNA's DNA testing laboratory (Warnex Pro-DNA Services) is accredited, the results of a Court Ready DNA paternity test can be used in any legal matter and will be accepted in a court of law, assuming the Chain of Custody form was completed in accordance with Orchid PRO-DNA’s strict Chain of Custody guidelines. The results of a Curiosity test will not be accepted in any legal matter.


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