The issue of potential infidelity is one which can weigh heavily on the mind of an individual. Orchid PRO-DNA can help address this issue through a variety of biological screens and/or DNA tests. To address these issues, Orchid PRO-DNA offers the following types of tests to private investigators, lawyers and private individuals.

  • Blood Screen
  • Saliva Screen
  • Semen Screen
  • Suitability Testing
  • The generation of a DNA profile (includes gender typing)
  • Comparison of two DNA profiles

The above tests are conducted on articles of clothing or other items submitted by the client to Orchid PRO-DNA. A blood, saliva or semen screen test will be conducted using well accepted biological screening procedures commonly used in DNA forensic laboratories. Once a client has the results of a screening test, they may choose to have the sample assessed for suitability for further DNA testing, and if positive, may proceed with a DNA test to potentially identify the genders and/or individuals whose DNA is present in the sample.

Orchid PRO-DNA provides guidance to the client throughout the specimen collection process and afterwards, to ensure the best collection, preservation, and shipping conditions for the sample.

Orchid PRO-DNA recognizes the importance of our results to the peace of mind of our clients and to that end, we provide an accurate, confidential and timely service.

We are ready to help, when you are ready to proceed.

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